Image Album

FilerFrog presents the easiest way to share your pictures with your friends and family! 

What can be simpler than viewing your pictures in one image album?
What can be nicer than a one click image album that you can print or just send to a friends?
With Image Album, you choose how to arrange your photos and the page size and FilerFrog does everything automatically from there! In just two clicks your memories are neatly arranged in one file that can be viewed on any operating system and computer!

"Image album – custom" Usage: Choose the pictures you’d like to add to your album, right- click and choose Custom, from the Image Album submenu. Here you have a few options to choose from:

  • The number of rows and columns of pictures for each page. This directly affects the number of pictures shown in every page. Don’t worry, images will be resized automatically to fit in the album!
  • Page sizes ranging from A3, A4, to Letter and Wallet sizes, are available to choose from, meeting every users needs.
  • You can provide the margin and gap between images if you want define it yourself.
  • If you’d like, the album can be laid out in landscape orientation.
  • Borders can be added to the pictures, to give the album a professional touch.
  • If you have large images you might want to make them lighter. Optimize pictures size will reduce the pdf file's size but will also reduce the image quality.

Extra tip from the frog:  If you’re not sure about the options, take a look at the preview on the right hand side of the screen!

Extra tip from the frog (WoW!!! 2 Tips in a row !): Also, in the Image Album submenu, FilerFrog also has a few commonly used preset album configurations, which fit most user needs. That means a PDF image album of your favorite pictures is just a right- click away!