List of Files

Create a text or html file containing a list of the files and folders selected.

Usage: Simply select the files and folders you wish to be included in the list, Right click and choose one of the options in the List of Files submenu. You have the choice between a Simple or a Detailed list and whether you would like to include the full path of the files, for easy access. A Simple list contains only the file names, while a Detailed list also has the files’ creation date, modification date, size and type. Once you’ve chosen which list you’d like, the List Of Files dialog will appear. In this dialog you can choose if you want a text or html file and you can also specify the file name. You can also choose to include the subfolders and decide if you want them to be indented. Click OK and a file containing the list will be created instantly.

Possible Scenario: You’ve just finished organizing your mp3 library and it’s amazing. Now all your music loving friends want to see what new tunes you’ve acquired. List of Files will get you Rocking & Rolling. Create a Detailed list of your music files and send it to your friends. The text file is readable on any operating system and it is lightweight so it’s quick to e-mail. Now just sit back and let your friends admire your immaculate taste in music!